done this


done this


10 guy . favorite meme . haha :))

it’s cute :D

it’s cute :D

high story time

i once was really high and i was listening to blues, i was so relaxed, it was summer, last year.

i was inside and the sun was shining through and i was laying down on the carpet and then this bug came in and the sun was in my eyes so i wasn’t sure if it was a bug or just a big clump of dust flying around in the wind and then i realised it was a bug and he was just flyin around n shit

then he landed my nose, not really givin a fuck. just chillin and we bonded. i was talking to him and shit and he was just laxin’ on my nose

i told that bug my life story and i think if i could speak bug it told me its story too

we fuckin bonded

then i realised this little dude should go home to his family and i stood up and he was still chillin on my nose and i went outside and he flew off

that nigga was my spirit animal

glow sticks + bubbles = glow in the dark bubbles
Never ever smoke weed? that’s a complete lie for you new zealanders, it’s all you fucking do