can you open your xbox 360 controller without a torx screw by per chance?

  1. essex-metal-head answered: Yes, you can use a hammer instead… What? … You never said you had to be able to put it back together…
  2. wishihadmorepizza answered: scissors? lol damn, macgyver.
  3. weplayminecraft answered: Try this: tinyurl.com/bsxwte4
  4. cascad1an answered: just bang it on a counter and it’ll open
  5. gxldwaite said: Or you can can smash it. that works too
  6. he11kn1ght answered: there are always hammers
  7. gxldwaite answered: Use a t11 size and it should open up really easily, that’s what I did to fix it once
  8. neonflavoredskittles answered: i use scissors when i have to unscrew things. |:
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